Allies Air provides private charter services to Nantucket residents and visitors alike. Locally owned, we can fly to any airport, New York City, Westchester, Boston, Hyannis or anywhere else and offer competitive rates. Skip the wait time and hassle of navigating a commercial airport or having to meet someone else’s timetable. Park and meet your plane in the private section of the airport and board the plane in minutes. Have your vehicle meet you at the aircraft when you arrive to easily load your cargo. Locally owned and operated, our mission is to provide innovative air travel solutions to Nantucket Island and beyond! We plan to continue developing its core divisions into a year round, full service air solution providing residents, workers, and visitors to Nantucket with consistent flight options to make the lives of all easier and more efficient.


Our fleet consists of multiple Cessna 400 Series (piston/multi-engine) airplanes which are known for their comfort, safety, and economical operating costs which translates into more cost effective travel for our customers. We operate the Cessna 402C (9 passenger - commuter interior) aircraft. The 402C offers exceptional take-off and landing views with its wide side windows. Amenities include refreshment center and additional options which ensure that you arrive refreshed and ready to pursue business or pleasure at your destination. Allies Air is an FAA Certified Part 135 operator. Our highly competent pilots and mechanics are regularly trained under the strictest supervision by FAA Authorized Personnel. Our motto is always — Safety First!